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What I Do

What puts bread on my table


I do ICTs and a very strong enthusiast of open source. ICTs are very broad, so narrowing down to what I do for a living.

• Ability to analyse complex information systems, work with legacy system and upgrading to higher versions
• Good knowledge and experience in mobile application design, implementation of surveys and data analysis
• Excellent knowledge of CSPro, SPSS, STATA and R Programming and advanced data manipulation skills
• Accomplished in training and capacity building
• Health Informatics Software and Clinical Trial Tools – DHIS2, IQCare, OpenMRS, OpenClinica
• Mobile data collection and design using a variety of tools OpenDataKit (ODK, CommCare, ONA, Taroworks, SurveyCTO, SurveyTOGO, Kobo Toolbox, Formyoula, MIT Appinventor
• PHP, Javascript, HTML/HTML5, XML, Building Web Services, Visual Basic, C#